It is important to appreciate all those people, who have invested a countless amount of time, energy and enthusiasm to contribute to topics that connect engineers all over Europe.

In view to current societal challenges the existence of a strong European representation of the interests of European Chartered Engineers is of higher importance than ever. 

Therefore, in 2010 the ECEC Executive Board decided that it is more than just and equitable to honour those persons, who made, make and will make outstanding and essential contributions to build up a strong and effective representation for European Chartered Engineers. Since then, the ECEC Award of Honour is awarded at irregular intervals.

Baurat h.c. DI Rudolf Kolbe 2024
Eng. Marwan Abdelhamid 2017
Dr Mirko Orešković 2016
MSc Civil Eng. Etelka Barsi-Pataky
Prof. Dr.-Ing. e.h. Dipl.-Ing. Karl Kling 2013