Executive Board

The General Assembly delegates the operation of the ECEC to the Executive Board.

The Executive Board shall ascertain and execute the policy of ECEC as formulated by the General Assembly and makes suggestions of the admission of new members.

Members of the Executive Board are the President, three Vice Presidents, the Treasurer and the Secretary General. The President is Chairperson of the General Assembly and the Executive Board.

The President represents ECEC to outside bodies and is responsible for the administration of the ECEC and the preparation of meetings. He shall not serve as a delegate of a member. The three Vice Presidents have duties of the President in his absence. The Treasurer is responsible for financial matters.

The Secretary General is responsible for the management of the secretariat. They are elected by the General Assembly for a period of three years (next elections autumn 2021).

President: Črtomir Remec (Slovenia)
Vice-Presidents: Zygmunt Meyer (Poland)
  Hansjörg Letzner (Italy)
  Dragoslav Šumarac (Serbia)
Secretary General: Klaus Thürriedl (Austria)
Treasurer: Gábor Szöllössy (Hungary)
President: Klaus Thürriedl (Austria)
Secretary General: Hansjörg Letzner (Italy)
Vice-Presidents: Hubertus Brauer (Germany)
  Mile Dimitrovski (North Macedonia)
  Zygmunt Meyer (Poland)
Treasurer: Gábor Szöllössy