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Automatic recognition for engineers in Europe

Stakeholder Workshop in Vienna on 30 June 2016 was a first concrete step in the direction of the establishment of Common Training Principles for Engineersmore


Consultation on National Action Plans

On 27 May 2016 the European Commission has opened a public consultation in the framework of the transparency initiative.more


Reforming Regulation of Professions

Almost the entire Executive Board represented the ECEC on 18 May 2016 at the European Commission’s Single Market Forum on „Reforming regulation of professions: results of the mutual evaluation and way forward“. Commissioner...more


"9  arguments" why professional regulation for engineers is essential for Europe

For the European Institutions, liberalisation and deregulation of the liberal professions seem to be the solution for generating more economic growth.

Is that true?

European Chartered Engineers

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Currently over 300.000 European Chartered Engineers benefit from the membership of their national organisations in the ECEC.