European Commission’s Public Procurement Package

On 3rd October 2017 the European Commission has presented a strategy to increase efficiency and professionality in public procurement based on four focus points:

The Communication: Making public procurement work in and for Europe encourages Member States to develop a strategic approach to procurement policies, focusing on six priorities: greater uptake of innovative, green and social criteria in awarding public contracts; professionalization of public buyers; improving access by SMEs to procurement markets in the EU and by EU companies in third countries; increasing transparency, integrity and quality of procurement data; digitisation of procurement processes; and more cooperation among public buyers across the EU.
The Guidance on professionalization of public buyers shall ensure that public procurers have the necessary theoretical and practical skills and knowledge in order to conduct procurement procedures correctly.
Additionally in the future an ex-ante assessment of the EU legislation conformity of large infrastructure projects will be available. The mechanism is voluntary, the Commission's advice is non-binding, and information will be handled confidentially.

PLEASE NOTE: Additionally the European Commission has launched a targeted Consultation on stimulating innovation through public procurement to collect feedback from stakeholders on how to stimulate innovation through the procurement of goods and services.

The consultation is open until 31 December and will feed into future guidance for public authorities, addressing issues such as how to set a strategy, organise support for innovation procurement or use innovation-friendly procurement tools.