ECEC Executive Board Meeting in Nicosia,Cyprus

On 10th of June the ECEC Executive Board had its 58th ExBo Meeting, which was hosted by the Technical Chamber of Cyprus and its President, Stelios Achniotis, who is also ECEC Auditor.

The ECEC proposals for amendments of the legislative proposals of the EC services package (proportionality test, notification, services e-card) were finalized (and sent to the competent European Parliament rapporteurs on 13 June 2017.)

Further preparations for the  3rd European Engineers Day were agreed: The website “Engineersday2017is online and gives the possibility to register for the event that is commonly organised by ECEC, ECCE and FEANI.

Details of the founding of the ECEC as AISBL were fixed (founding  on 14th of July Belgium) and the EB members also prepared the topics for the next GAM and the award of the ECEC medal in 2017.