20 Years´ Anniversary of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers

ECEC President Remec, Slovenian Ambassador Ms Ksenija Skrilec, Hungarian President Janos Ader

Key speaker and guest of honour of the conference was Dr.János Áder, President of the Republic of Hungary. His speech was focused on important issues of the 21st Century - such as problems of energy, water management, and sustainability - and he stressed the importance of excellent engineering solutions for these challenges. Guest and high rank speakers from all over Europe participated in the celebration, the ECEC was represented by President Remec, Secretary General Thürriedl and others. The Slovenian ambassador in Hungary, Ms Ksenija Škrilec, organised a meeting between ECEC President Remec and President Ader after the event.


The History: 150 years ago, the Society of Hungarian Engineers was first founded. Since then engineers have expressed their togetherness several times in different forms. In 1923 the Chamber of Architects and Engineers was founded, based on the “Act on Regulating the Engineering Services”. The chamber was dissolved just before the end of World War II. In 1996 the legislation once again ensured the self-governance of the engineers after the changes of the political system, and the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers was formed.