ECEC Medal Award 2016

From left to right: Mirko Orešković, Etelka Barsi-Pataky, Crtomir Remec


The ECEC medal, a symbol for extraordinary achievements in regard to the values of ECEC, was awarded for the third time: On 15 October 2016 in Budapest it was presented to ECEC Past President Dr Mirko Orešković. The decision of the ECEC Board members was based on the fact that Mirko Orešković is and has always been very active in various Engineers’ organisations in Croatia and in Europe where he invested great efforts for better social recognition of the professional position and the value of engineering activities. He was one of the strong supporters of the idea of establishing the European Engineers Chamber, finally realised through the establishment of the ECEC. He was a head organiser of the Dubrovnik meeting in autumn 2002, where an agreement of Engineer’s Chambers representatives on the establishment of ECEC a year later was reached. Additionally Mr. Orešković was one of the initiators for establishing Engineer's Initiative for Regional Cooperation (IIRS) in the region of west Balkans, founded in 2011 and still is its  coordinator.

The medal was presented to Mr Orešković by the former award winner and President of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers, Mrs Barsi-Pataky.