ECEC Declaration on performance profiles for Engineering Services

ECEC declaration “Independence of engineering services saves people’s money - Performance profiles for Engineering Services: Cost optimization and quality assurance” was prepared by the ECEC WG on the fee scale situation in Europe -  chaired by ECEC Vice-President Hansjörg Letzner  - and adopted by the ECEC General Assembly on 26 September 2015 in Rome.

The declaration intends to better explain the relationship of quality and performance profiles and as a consequence of price and quality.  It is based on a very interesting Italian study (available only in Italian) that proves – by means of comparing the outcomes of a high number of public building projects - that good and detailed planning and the provision of the whole necessary range of engineering services prevents costs and quality problems.

The ECEC declaration is to be seen as a specialised addition to the ECEC 9 arguments for professional regulation in Europe. Especially in regard to the infringement procedure against the German HOAI it is important to promote the declaration and to use – also on national level – its argumentation. The ECEC declaration will also be transmitted on European level.

Please find the ECEC declaration here.