2nd European Engineers' Day


Film 2nd European Engineers' Day see here: http://izs.mitv.si/asset/epw7YhPsReEqnPRZj

Presentations see here: http://www.ecec.net/activities/engineers-day/


On 20th November 2014 the major European Engineers Federations (ECEC, FEANI and ECCE with the support of ENAEE, EFCA, CLGE and CLAIU) gathered in Brussels for the “European Engineers’ Day”.

The major subject of the event – which was attended by 150 participants from industry, academia and professional organisations – focused on Mobile Engineers build an Innovative Europe”: the challenges of the engineering profession to meet the expectations of society and how EU policies can help the engineering profession to meet these expectations.


In a final resolution the participants invite the EU institutions to acknowledge that:

·        Engineering solutions are of an international nature. Therefore, internationalization and cross-border recognition of engineering qualifications are important and vital to forge a better future for society.

·         Professional Engineers must possess the relevant underpinning knowledge and maintain their technical and managerial competence so that they can deliver value to their clients in their chosen field of endeavour. The importance of quality assessment of their continuing education needs to be recognized.

·         Professional regulation, in its varying forms [whether voluntary or statutory], is the mechanism by which the public can be independently assured of an individual Engineer’s professional competence and personal commitment to be bound by professional codes of practice.

·         A quality based contract award for engineering services is essential (most economically advantageous tender).

·        The success of the European economy will depend upon our ability to unlock the potential of the SME-sector and our endeavours to support engineering entrepreneurship in our countries.