11th ECEC General Assembly

The 11th ECEC General Assembly took place in Brussels on 19th November 2014.

It focused on the standards for the European Professional / Chartered Engineer: The ECEC members stressed the importance of Continuing Professional Development for European Professional/ Chartered Engineers and discussed the aspects of its national implementation.

The ECEC Working group CPD chaired by Vice-President Sumarac has prepared a number of pilot lectures available on the internet and given by professors from different European Universities. The project starts in 2015 and ist focused on structural desing and energy efficiency of buildings.

Another topic of discussion was the current regulatory situation in regard to fee scales for Engineering services in the member countries. The European Commission is opposed to anykind of guiding systems even if they are in accordance with competition law as they see them as hindering for free establishmant. On the other hand in many countries clients and public authorities are desperatly asking for some kind of guidelines. Within the ECEC a working group chaired by Vice-President Letzner is dealing with this problem.

Prof. Theodoros Koutroubas from the ECEC Liaisons office in Brussels discussed the impact of the new European Parliament and the new Commission under Jean-Claude Juncker on the liberal professions. Especially important for the Engineering Profession is the new Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship & SMEs Elzbieta Bienkowska as many engineering related topics are in her competence. Completing the Internal Market for goods and services and supporting the better regulation agenda are among the European Commission's political priorities.

A highlight of the General Assembly was the admission of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) as new "associate member" of ECEC. Since  2013  organisations that do not fulfil the strict accession criteria in regard to the requirement of being a representative public body based on national law representing chartered engineers registered according to national law can join the ECEC as "associate members".

The ICE, which was founded already in 1818, represents 82.000 members worldwide, with about 18.000 outside the UK. Therefore it is expected that this cooperation will further increase the force of the ECEC.