Opening of new ECEC Liaisons office in Brussels

CEPLIS Vice-President Kolbe, MEPS Fajon and Vergnaud, ECEC President Remec

On 18 March 2014 the ECEC Executive Board met for the first time in the premises of CEPLIS, where the new ECEC Liaisons office is located. After the working meeting the Board members and some representatives of ECEC member organisations met with members of the European Parliament for an informal exchange during a working lunch.

Among the guests were Members of Europan Parliament Bernadette Vergnaud, the EP rapporteur for the new Professional Qualifications Directive that was published in December 2013 and Tanja Fajon.

Bernadette Vergnaud expressed her gratitude for the good cooperation and fruitful exchanges during the making of the Professional Qualifications Directive and for the support she often received from the professions.

The ECEC President stressed the key role of European Chartered Engineers  in regard to the practical implementation of the European Union’s action plans on sustainable building, on economic growth and innovation and their willingness to contribute with their high professional qualifications, technical knowledge and practical experiences to an innovative and sustainable development in Europe.

He also officially presented ECEC Memorandum “Let Engineers build Europe” which is a catalogue of suggested measures for a healthy economy based on the practical experience of European Chartered Engineer and is addressed to the candidates for the EP elections in May 2014. ECEC member organisations will use the memorandum in order to approach their national candidates for the EP elections 2014 and to initiate discussions and a deeper exchange process between profession and politics.