European Professional Card

The ECEC has stressed its support for the implementation of the European Professional Card (EPC) for the engineering profession once again in the General Assembly in Athens in October 2013 and at a Round Table Discussion in Maribor in November 2013. Additionally the ECEC member organisations have already expressed their willingness to take over the procedure of issuing the EPC on national level or – in cases where they are not competent authorities themselves – cooperate with the competent authority.  

The ECEC is also involved in the preparatory work for the EPC. ECEC Secretary General Klaus Thürriedl is a member of the European Commission’s Focus Group on the European Professional Card. The Focus Group plays a consultative role on the issues which have to be settled in the implementing act in regard to the establishment of the EPC.  The first meeting of the group took place on 31 January 2014.

Secretary General Thürriedl reports that – in contrary to the engineering profession - the representatives of health professions have expressed a lot of concerns, especially in regard to potential abuse of the system with forged documents. In his statement Thürriedl emphazised the positive aspects of the implementation of the European Professional Card for the engineering profession. He also pointed out that with the ECEC activities during the last 10 years it had been possible to find a consensus among ECEC members about the necessary amount of professional qualifications and practice for publicly authorized European Chartered Engineers.  As a next step the ECEC is currently working on a common ECEC standard for continuous professional development for European Chartered Engineers.

According to Thürriedl the European Commission is very determined to make the European Professional Card work on time in January 2016. Therefore the timetable of the Focus group is tight. The ECEC will continue to contribute to this implementation process.