World Creativity and Innovation Day in Moskow

At the invitation of the new associate ECEC member “National Association of Engineers of the Russian Federation” Secretary General Klaus Thürriedl and Vice-President Hansjörg Letzner represented the ECEC at the World Creativity and Innovation Day in Moscow on 21 April 2018.

While Klaus Thürriedl in his presentation stressed the important role of independent engineers for society,  Hansjörg Letzner spoke about modern problems of engineering in practice and the adequate solution approaches. He focused on fair public procurement and on the definition of standard performance profiles and calculation procedures for Engineering Services as a very important step towards  independence of design from construction and a decline of information asymmetries between client/consumer and engineer and a basis to reduce less damages/hazards to life and health due to non-fulfilment of the required performance profile and awards based on dumping prices.

You can download their presentations here:

Presentation Thürriedl
Presentation Letzner