Meeting of the ECEC WG PP / WG BIM

The ECEC Working group “Public Procurement on Engineering Services” - at its second meeting on 14 April 2018 in Vienna – discussed  the finalization of an ECEC paper on Public Procurement of Engineering Services.  Focus points of the paper  are the definition of quality criteria , tips on price evaluation and  on the fair evaluation of tenders.

 The newly established Working group on BIM, which will be chaired by the President of the Slovak Chamber of Engineers, Prof. Vladimir Benko, met on the same day: The group decided to prepare a Political Position Paper on BIM with a focus on the definition of status and importance of BIM for engineering services, on basic requirements for the successful use of BIM, on the definition of BIM in public tenders and on an open BIM as the most essential criterion to keep the market open for SMEs. Additionally a roadmap is in preparation dealing with subjects like industry acceptance, standardization, the impact of BIM on engineering fees, BIM Training / BIM Certification – the Role of professional Chambers, and copyright, authorship and BIM legislation.