WCF2019: Call for Abstracts prolonged

It is five months now until the World Construction Forum (WCF2019) which will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 8th to 11th April, 2019.

As ECEC will be a Co-Organiser of the Event, we would like to inform you that the date for Call for Abstracts has been extended until Thursday, 15th November 2018.

We would appreciate if you inform your members about this, publish information on your website and most important invite your experts to join the Event as (a) lecturer(s).

More about the extended deadline please find here https://www.wcf2019.org/call-for-abstracts/. This is also the place where experts can register as lecturers.


Forum themes are:

-          THEME 1: Energy in 21st Century – Ressources Efficiency of Built Environment

-          THEME 2: Engineering Capacity Building

-          THEME 3: Construction 4.0 – Advanced Construction Engineering

-          THEME 4: Cultural Heritage in Digital World

-          THEME 5: Disaster Risk Management & Governance for Resilient Communities

-          THEME 6: Facility & Asset Management, BIM Lifecycle