The OAI joins the ECEC

The Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers (Ordre des Architectes et des Ingenieurs-conseils) has joined the European Council of Engineers Chambers as its 17th official member.

The Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers was established by Luxembourgish law and represents 5 professions on a national and international level: Architects, interior architects, consulting engineers, urban designers and master planner as well as landscape architects & engineers. The OAI has 3 missions linked to legal, professional and cultural effects through enhancing the impact of its members and achieving a sustainable, smart and high-quality built environment.

One particularly focus of the OAI is to preserve the independence and professional updated knowledge by guaranteeing the highest possible standard of quality in built structures in Luxembourg. Covering all five professions involved in the process of planning and realising a project, the OAI can ensure close collaboration through integrated task force teams.

With regard to its members, the OAI sets a high standard for their qualifications and puts a focus on the factual realisation of professional independence. The chamber also assumes responsibilities tied to built structures and meeting potential risks with the needed carefulness and expertise.

Through Luxembourg’s central position in Europe and its continuous involvement in a broader European development, the Luxembourg Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers is also seeking to widen its involvement with joining the ECEC next to being a member of multiple other engineering organisations.

To find out more about the OAI, please visit, where descriptions in French, German and English are provided.