The European Commissions´ Green Deal

The Green Deal: Renovation Wave Strategy

In October 2020 the European Commission presented a new strategy to boost renovation called "A Renovation Wave for Europe – Greening our buildings, creating jobs, improving lives"  that aims to double annual energy renovation rates in the next ten years. The “Recommendation on Energy Poverty”  was published as part of the Renovation Wave Strategy. Additionally, the Commission adopted new rules for the smart readiness of buildings  based on a smart readiness indicator.

The Green Deal: New European Bauhaus

At the same time the European Commission launched the initiative on the “New European Bauhaus” . This project is an integral part of the European Green Deal and wants to implement a collaborative design and creative space, where experts across the sectors work together and become a driving force to bring the European Green Deal to life in an attractive, and innovative and human-centred way. Additionally, five real Bauhaus projects will be established in different countries, all focused on sustainability, art and culture but each with a different emphasis such as natural building materials and energy efficiency, demographics, green digital innovation etc.

As this cross-sector initiative offers the opportunity for the engineering professions to help shaping the implementation of the Green Deal, the ECEC has contacted the European Commission in November 2020. A meeting between the IDEA thinktank of the European Commission and the ECEC is envisaged for early 2021.