New European Bauhaus

On Friday, 12 February 2021, ECEC President Thürriedl presented the ideas of the ECEC on the New European Bauhaus movement – that were agreed in the Executive Board on 11 February 2021 – to Ms Ruth Reichstein from the European Commission. He explained the important role of independent Chartered Engineers in a successful green transition process and their means to contribute to the New European Bauhaus movement.

ECEC approach to New European Bauhaus

Ruth Reichstein expressed that support and input from the Engineering side is very welcome and important to secure the interdisciplinary approach.

ECEC President Thürriedl also had an exchange with the President of the Architects Council of Europe, Georg Pendl on a future cooperation of the organisations on this topic. The ECEC will join the New Bauhaus Collective, an interdisciplinary group of European professional organisations that was initiated by the ACE.