New ECEC Executive Board 2022 - 2024

The ECEC elections in November 2021 were a twofold premiere: For the first time since the founding of the ECEC the anonymous voting was done digitally observed by two election committee members.

But there was also a more important premiere: Nina Dražin-Lovrec, President of the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers, was the first ever female candidate elected for an ECEC Board position: From 2022 on she will enhance the interest of European Chartered Engineers in the role of an ECEC Vice-President.

As re-elected ECEC President Klaus Thürriedl stresses: “This was long overdue. We are very happy that finally a very first step towards more gender equality within the ECEC has been taken and that with Nina Dražin-Lovrec the ECEC Executive Board has gained such a highly qualified and engaged Civil Engineering expert .”

For the coming years the President sees a focus of ECEC activities on all the aspects of the European Green Deal, as European Chartered Engineers will play a crucial role in a successful green transition. While the Covid 19 crisis has already shown the system relevance of the Engineering profession in a situation of crisis, this will be even more the case in the fight against climate change. Thürriedl stresses that the availability of excellent engineering solutions to meet the current challenges will highly depend on a solid framework ranging from quality based public procurement procedures to high quality engineering education.


The ECEC EB team 2022-2024:

President Klaus Thürriedl – Austria / BKZT

Vice President Hubertus Brauer – Germany /BIngK

Vice President Nina Dražin-Lovrec – Croatia / HKIG

Vice President Roberto Orvieto – Italy / CNI

Secretary General – Juan Blanco Lino – Spain / UPCI

Treasurer -  Gábor Szőllőssy – Hungary / MMK


Additionally, two auditors for 2021 were elected: Vlade Grodzanovski – North Macedonia / KOMORAOAI and  Andrea Theodotou – Cyprus / ETEK