EU funding opportunities for New European Bauhaus objectives in 2023 and 2024

The European Union has initiated various funding opportunities in order to support the achievement of New European Bauhaus objectives for the upcoming two years.

Funding opportunities are provided by the following programmes:

  • European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
  • Horizon Europe (HORIZON)
  • Programme for the Environment and Climate Action (LIFE)
  • Erasmus+ Programme (ERASMUS)
  • Single market Programme (SMP)
  • Digital Europe (DIGITAL)
  • European Solidarity Corps (ESC)
  • Creative Europe (CREA)

For the transformation of places on the ground in accordance with the core values of aesthetics, sustainability and social inclusion (NEB core values), these calls have been made:

  • ERDF
    • European Urban Initiative

This initiative funds projects in order to deliver examples of New European Bauhaus interventions which follow the three core values of the NEB. Although the registration period ended in January, we recommend keeping up to date with further events. Find out more under the European Urban Initiative website.

    • Affordable Housing District Demonstrator

Under this programme, projects are supported which develop lighthouse affordable housing districts and focus on the application of NEB values. More information can be found here.

    • Urban greening and re-naturing for urban regeneration, resilience and climate neutrality

Projects that are approaching urban planning with “greening” and renaturing solutions for various purposes.

    • New European Bauhaus – innovative solutions for greener and fairer ways of life through arts and culture, architecture and design for all

This call is looking for funding opportunities for projects that use innovative approaches that aim to invest in cultural heritage and related industries. Find out more here.

    • Demonstrating the potential of nature-based solutions and the New European Bauhaus to contribute to sustainable, inclusive and resilient living spaces and communities

This programme funds projects which demonstrate nature-based innovation and transform spaces in order to bring benefits for health and overall well-being. Find out more via this link.

More contributing calls for places on the ground are funded by HORIZON and include but are not excklusive to these projects:

  • Intelligent data acquisition and analysis of materials and products in existing built works
  • PV integration in buildings and in infrastructure
  • Improving rural future through better territorial governance and rural-urban synergies
  • EIC Accelerator Challenge: New European Bauhaus and Architecture, Engineering and Construction digitalisation for decarbonisation
  • Fast-tracking and promoting built environment construction and renovation innovation with local value chains (Built4People Partnership)
  • Supporting the creation of an accessible and inclusive built environment (Built4People Partnership)
  • EIC Pathfinder Challenge: Architecture, Engineering and Construction digitalisation for a novel triad of design, fabrication, and materials
  • Enhanced assessment, intervention and repair of civil engineering infrastructure
  • Digital solutions to foster participative design, planning and management of buildings, neighbourhoods and urban districts (Built4People Partnership).

You can find out more information about the calls for the transformation of places on the ground on the New European Bauhaus website.

Calls have also been made for transformations of the enabling environment for innovation and for programmes for the diffusion of new meanings

New European Bauhaus dedicated calls for the transformation of the enabling environment for innovation, which are all funded by HORIZON include (among other NEB-contributing calls):

The New European Bauhaus dedicated diffusion of new meanings calls consist of the European Youth Together Programme as well as the Unlock the potential of the New European Bauhaus in urban food system transformation initiative.