Engineers for Europe Kick-Off Meeting

ECEC in Brussels for the launch of the “Engineers for Europe” project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme

On 22/23 September, members of the ECEC participated at the Kick Off Meeting of the “Engineers for Europe” (E4E) project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

E4E is bringing together 13 partners from eight European countries representing the different facets of the engineering profession. The E4E project has three main pillars of institution building, strategic foresight and training to sustain the competitiveness of the engineering profession. Under the coordination of FEANI, the European Federation of National Engineering Associations, the partners will work in the next 36 months to establish the European Engineering Skills Council, identify future trends and needs in skills and competences for engineers and develop innovative training on transversal skills for the profession.

The ECEC will play a crucial role in assessing the landscape of the engineering profession to identify challenges and opportunities and contributing to the development of the structure and governance of the Skills Council. For this, the ECEC and its members will apply their expertise gathered from different projects, especially from the contract with the EC on Common training principles for European Engineers in 2016/17.

More information about “Engineers for Europe” and the ECEC’s involvement are available at

Download the project description here.