Day of Liberal Professions 2023


On 2 May, the European Economic and Social Committee organised the 7th annual Day of Liberal Professions. This year’s theme was “Fostering skills and delivering the Green Deal”, which was executed by presenting the outlooks of various liberal professions on the green transition and particularly the Green Deal. The shift into more sustainable and greener future requires efforts from all industries, it is often in the hands of liberal professionals to find solutions to effects of climate change, whether it be from technical, legal or financial aspects. The aspect of sustainable planning and building is under the responsibility of Civil Engineers, where sustainable alternatives must be taken into consideration.

The role of Civil Engineers was highlighted under Panel 2, which discussed the New European Bauhaus and the Green Deal and put the focus on European Civil Engineers by including three speakers fromthe industry, namely Daniel Fügenschuh (President of ECEC member Federal Austrian Chamber of Architects and chartered Engineering Consultants), Ruth Schagemann (President of the Architects Council of Europe) and Susanne Rudenstam (Director of Construction at Swedish Wood).

You can review their presentations here:

Daniel Fügenschuh on The soul of the Green Deal: How liberal professions fit in

Ruth Schagemann on The impact of the New European Bauhaus on liberal professional services: The example of European architects 

Susanne Rudenstam on The Revolution of new wooden building techniques

If you would like to know more about the event, please visit the EESC website.