Civil Engineering Summit 2019

From 24th to 28th of September, ECEC Member Organisation Ordem dos Engenheiros Portugal (OEP) will be hosting the Civil Engineering Summit 2019 (CES) in Lisbon Portugal. Also, the ECEC General Assembly Meeting will be taking place in the course of the event on 27th of September. 

For five days, OEP Portugal will bring engineers from around the world to Lisbon to share knowledge, challenges and projects in the Lisbon Civil Engineering Summit 2019 (CES2019), which will be held at the LNEC - The National Civil Engineering Laboratory.

This international event aims to discuss, with a global and integrative approach, the main issues that currently affect the community of civil engineers, who seek solutions to new and also old challenges, in which its role will have a major impact, as climate change, food and water security, safety construction and all the other UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Lisbon CES 2019 will have 32 Plenary and Parallel Session, with a number of ECEC representatives presenting their speeches.

For more details, please visit the events Website :