1st Skills Council Meeting

ECEC President Klaus Thürriedl, joined by ECEC General Secretary Juan Blanco Lino, travelled to Brussels to participate in the 2nd E4E physical meeting and the first ever E4E Skills Council Meeting on September 21/22. A total of 37 representatives from all 13 project partners were present.

Over the past months, all project partners conducted intensive research that would assess the status of engineering as well as the future of the profession. The ECEC conducted a number of interviews with representatives of the member states in order to receive a possibly wide perspective on the matter. The research proved successful and now constitutes the foundation in order to create the E4E Skills Strategy.

A core output of the Engineers for Europe project is the European Engineering Skills Council, consisting of 17 members (one representative per consortium partner), which will increase the impact of Engineers on European policies. The Skills Council is chaired by Hannes Treier and under the Secretariat of the project leader Engineers Europe. The representatives stem from various backgrounds, such as members of professional organisations, educators and academics as well as stakeholders from the industry. The Skills Strategy, established under active participation of multiple Working Groups, will provide for the means and matters under which the Skills Council will operate. This is now being developed under three working groups assessing the research of the consortium partners.

A careful and precise development of the Skills Council and the Skills Strategy is essential to ensure its practical use and its long-term commitment even after the project has been concluded.

A general description of the E4E project can be found here, more information can be found on the E4E website.