17th ECEC General Assembly in Ljubljana on 11 April 2019

The ECEC General Assembly for the first time met under the new Executive Board, led by President Klaus Thürriedl.

Among the main topics of discussion were the question of the implementation of the professional card for engineers, a study on the liberal professional status of ECEC Chartered Engineers, and the EC Study on effects of regulation on the quality of services.

The new Executive Board took the chance to thank former ECEC President and current WFEO Vice President Crtomir Remec for his work for ECEC as he was one of those who believed in the vision of setting up a “European Engineers Chamber” and considerably helped to bring this idea into life. Since 2003 he was dedicated to the ECEC. For the first two Executive Board periods he took over the role of ECEC treasurer, afterwards he became Vice President and finally from 2012 to 2018 took over the role of President.