Conference on the modernisation of the Professional Qualifications Directive

On 12 February 2014 the European Commission will discuss the changes in the system of professional recognition in Europemore


Assessment of barriers restricting access to regulated professions

European Commission starts transparency exercise according to the Professional Qualifications Directivemore


Report on the Internal Market for Services: State of Play and Next Steps

A strong appeal of the European Parliament to remove existing regulatory burdens for service providersmore


Europe 2020 – country-specific recommendations

The Commission recommends measures to enhance competition for regulated professionsmore


ECEC Partnership in World Green Building Council Leadership Awards for the Europe Region

Excellent projects of sustainable construction shall be put in the limelight in order to raise awareness more


Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan

European Commissions Working Group on “Bolstering the Business of Liberal Professionsmore


Skills & Qualifications for sustainable building

How can Engineers and Architects take a more leading role in retrofit projects designed to achieve carbon reduction etc.?more


Financing for small and medium sized enterprises

EC Database tries to make access easiermore