Common Training Principles for Engineers



The background:


The European Commission (Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry; Entrepreneurship and SMEs) has contracted ECEC to develop proposals for Common Training Principles for Engineers covering all EEA countries.
Duration of the Project is six months starting April 2016.



The concept of Common Training Principles:


The concept of Common Training Principles for Engineers was introduced by Directive 2013/55/EU that amended Directive 2005/36 EC on the recognition of professional qualifications. It offers the possibility to extend the mechanism of automatic recognition to new professions on the basis of commonly agreed training principles. These can take the shape of either a common training framework (Article 49a) or of a common training test (Article 49b).

The objective of Common Training Principles is to allow more professionals to move across Member States by enlarging the scope of qualifications subject to automatic recognition.



The objective of the project:


The objective of the project is to allow actors in the field of professional qualifications (e.g. professional organisations and / or competent authorities from members States for given professions) to present proposals for Common Training Principles for the engineering profession in view of having those further developed into a Common Training Framework or a Common Training Test.

The proposals will be developed on the basis of a mapping done in the Member States as well as after broad consultation with relevant stakeholders. The focus will be on the five professional groups of Civil and Environmental Engineers, Mechanical and Industrial Engineers, Electrotechnology Engineers, Mining Engineers and Geodetic Surveyors.



The outcomes of the project:


  • Inventory of engineering education and profession in all EU Member States, Member States of the EEA and Switzerland:  The mapping will present the different national regulatory frameworks and their commonalities.
  • Analysis of the positions of national and European professional organisations regarding Common Training Principles for Engineers: The mapping will present which professional engineering organisations that fulfil the requirements of the Directive are interested in working on a suggestion for Common Training Principles for Engineers
  • Proposal of Common Training Principles for Engineers: The proposal will present several options on either the establishment of a Common Training Framework of Common Training Test concerning one or several or all engineering professions.



The methodology of the project:


The mapping of relevant information will follow complementary approaches:

Analysis of already existing /collected data (e.g. regulated professions database , data available within ECEC. its partner organisations in the project and their member organisations)
Collection of missing information via written procedures supported by follow-up interviews if necessary

Information to the relevant stakeholders will be provided throughout the whole project. For an open and transparent process it is important to gain the support of as many relevant institutions / stakeholders as possible. They will have the possibility to contribute to the outcome of the project in written form, by giving interviews and by participating in a workshop / conference.



The project team:


The project team consists of

  • a Project Director (Klaus Thürriedl, ECEC Secretary General),
  • a Project Manager (Cornelia Hammerschlag, Austrian Federal Chamber of Architects and Chartered Engineers),
  • two Technical Experts (Zygmunt Meyer, Technical University of Szczecin, Poland and Dragoslav Sumarac, University in Belgrade, Serbia),
  • three Support Staff and
  • nine senior Engineering and Legal Expert in a Resource Team.



Further information:


Please contact
Cornelia Hammerschlag:  
E-Mail: / Phone: +43 1 5055807 51