Finalisation of CTP Project

03 Feb 2017

After a final telephone conference between the European Commission and Project Director and Project Manager on 24 January 2017 the documents were updated and are now available here:

Survey Report

Project Report

ECEC Recommendations


The project team would like to thank all participating stakeholders again for their active and profound engagement in the project and would like to stress again that the results are of course not binding in any way.

Despite differences in perception that made it impossible to reach an agreement within the project it became clear that there is great interest of the various stakeholders in looking into the development of common training principles for engineers and to move towards more convergence. The European Commission agrees that the work undertaken during this project represents a substantial step in this direction.

Submission of Final Project Report

22 Dec 2016

The final project report, the final survey report and the ECEC recommendations were submitted to the European Commission on 21st of December. The documents will be published on the website after agreement of the Commission. 

Passionate Discussions about the Foundations of Engineering Education in Europe

27 Oct 2016 

On 27th of October, the final Stakeholder Conference on CTP for Engineers took place at the “Haus der Ingenieure” in Vienna. More than 60 European experts from ministries and Engineering Organisations discussed the main controversies in regard to the revised draft proposal. Discussion topics were e.g. the possibility of compensation of academic education, the potential difficulties in non-regulated countries in regard to the requirement of a home-country certification and the possibility to base a two-level recognition system on a common scope of authorization. In mid-September, the CTP Project Team sent out the Draft Proposal and Survey Report for consultation to the Competent Authorities of the Engineering profession and over hundred National and European Engineering organisations, and received a high amount of feedback. The results of the workshop are currently analysed and the ECEC Project team will submit a final report with its´ recommendations for further steps in regard to CTP for Engineers in November/December 2016.


Further Information

Trying to find a common approach

21 Sept 2016

In the framework of the CTP for Engineers project (EC Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry; Entrepreneurship and SMEs has contracted the ECEC to conduct a survey on the regulatory situation of five groups of engineering professions in all EEA countries and Switzerland and to look into the development of proposals for “Common Training Principles for Engineers”) the project team has presented a draft survey report and a draft CTP proposal – based on the results of the survey and the stakeholder workshop in June and agreed with the European Commission - to all interested stakeholders (competent authorities, national coordinators, engineering organisations, chambers etc) on 16 September 2016.



In regard to the draft survey report competent authorities are invited to inform the project team about any necessary corrections for their countries.

In regard to the draft CTP proposal stakeholders are invited to comment and especially focus on the following questions:


  • Would this proposal be supported by your country?
  • If yes: Would you be in favour to transfer it to other engineering professions (which?)?
  • If no: Which parts of the proposal are not acceptable for your country?
  • If not: What changes would you suggest?


All answers/comment in regard to the CTP proposal until 16 October 2016 will be taken into consideration for the revision of the draft proposal. A revised proposal will be prepared and discussed at the stakeholder conference on 27 October 2016 in Vienna.

With the results of this event, the project team will prepare a final project report to the European Commission that will then decide about any further activities in regard to the implementation of CTP for Engineers.

For comments / further information please contact office@ecec.net

Automatic recognition for engineers in Europe

04 Jul 2016

Stakeholder Workshop in Vienna on 30 June 2016 was a first concrete step in the direction of the establishment of Common Training Principles for Engineers

Over 60 European Experts from Ministries and Engineering Organisations discussed the possible approach for Common Training Principles for Engineers that was presented by ECEC SG Klaus Thürriedl. It is based on the findings of the preliminary results of the survey on five focus groups of engineering professions that the ECEC conducted on behalf of the European Commission:

• There is a very good support for CTP for Engineers among the competent authorities that  answered the questionnaires and a majority of them – as well as a clear  majority  of the responding engineering organisations would prefer an Common Training Framework approach

• in all four professional groups the professions are organised in different professional forms (difference e.g. in educational requirements for the access to the profession, in scope of services, in authorizations etc) or levels in at least half of the countries

• a majority of the professions require at least EQF level 6 or 7 as academic education for professional access. Geodetic Surveyors have the highest requirements

• a majority between of professions require professional practise for the access to the profession. Exception is the profession of Mechanical and Industrial Engineers with only 43 %

• entrance exams are a requirement for professional access in a majority of the professions only for Geodetic Surveyors and  Electrotechnology Engineers

• a very high majority of academic engineering education programs for the focus professions end with EQF Levels 6, 7 or higher

• in a majority of professions academic educational requirements for the access to the profession cannot be compensated


The pre-draft proposal contains a two or three level approach that is mainly based on Bologna first/second cycle + practice or examination requirements. It was discussed in three working groups. The collected comments and concerns will now be studied for a revisal of the proposal. The pre-draft proposal, that will now be revised in will then go into a broad stakeholder consultation at the beginning of September. 

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Survey sent out to competent authorities and Engineering Organisations

06 May 2016

The information collection – basis for the mapping of the situation and thus for potential proposals on Common Training Principles for Engineers - has started. On 4 May 2016 five questionnaires on the national regulatory frameworks of the focus professional groups (Civil and Environmental Engineers, Mechanical and Industrial Engineers, Electrotechnology Engineers, Mining Engineers and Geodetic Surveyors) were sent out to the national competent authorities for those professions in the 32 EEA member states.  Additionally national and European Engineering organisations were asked to state their opinions on Common Training Frameworks for Engineers in a short questionnaire.

For both questionnaires participants are asked to reply until 22 May 2016.

Survey test phase starts

15 Apr 2016

The first phase of the survey design is finished. On 15 April 2016 the draft (electronic) questionnaires and mailing lists of national competent authorities for the five focus profession of the survey were sent out to the ECEC member organisations, to the ECEC partner organisations and via FEANI to the FEANI member organisations to test and comment.