European Services Package - Current status

The ECEC has submitted its opinion during the online consultation in March 2017. The Legislative Package is currently discussed in the Council (WGs with national representatives), the European Parliament (Rapporteur Andreas Schwab, Germany, for the proportionality test, Rapporteur  Anneleen Van Bossuyt, Belgium, for the Services e-card regulation, Rapporteur  Morten Lokkegaard, Denmark, for the Services e-card directive, Rapporteur Sergio Guitierrez Prieto, Spain, for the notification procedure and rapporteur Nicola Danti, Italy for the need for reform in professional services) and also the European Econonic and Social Committee (Rapporteur for the whole package Arno Metzler, Germany).  

On all levels there seem to be a lot of open questions especially in regard to the services e-card (and its relation to the European Professional Card) and also a number of fears and concerns (“country of origin principle through the backdoor”). In regard to proportionality test and notification procedure concerns arose about the proportionality of these measures.

The package shall be discussed on the Competitiveness Council on 28/29 May  2017Votes on the reports in the Internal Market Committee of the EP are foreseen for November/December 2017. The EESC report was adopted in the Section Meeting on 4 May and will be in the Plenary meeting end of May/beginning of June 2017.

The ECEC was closely involved in the procedures of the EESC report: EESC member Rudi Kolbe, representing the Engineering Profession and other liberal professions, is a member of the EESC study group on the services package and Cornelia Hammerschlag was nominated as expert to support the Rapporteur Arno Metzler (VBI, Verband Beratender Ingenieure).