Consultation on National Action Plans

Over the past 2 years EU countries had to screen their regulatory arrangements for professions and ensure that they are 'proportionate' to legitimate public interest objectives, without creating unnecessary burdens. They then had to produce National Action Plans (NAPs) outlining any changes they proposed to.


The consultation shall give opportunity to comment these National Action Plans.

Specifically the European Comission is interested in views

  1. On the specific changes proposed by the Member State
  2. Regarding any other changes that should be made but which were not proposed by the Member State
  3. Views on if the Member State conducted a sufficiently robust review of their regulations and their effects in order to reach their conclusions when preparing their NAP.


The consultation is open until 19 August 2016.


For details please see:



Additionally we would like to draw your attention to the ECs country specific recommendations that were presented by the European Commission also in May 2016:


In its communication about the recommendations the European Commission stresses that “the range, level and number of restrictions prevailing in business services and regulated professions, especially in engineering, accounting, architecture and legal services, warrant special attention.