Reforming Regulation of Professions

Almost the entire Executive Board represented the ECEC on 18 May 2016 at the European Commission’s Single Market Forum on „Reforming regulation of professions: results of the mutual evaluation and way forward“. Commissioner Bienkowska once again expressed the European Commission’s determination to enforce national reforms of professional regulation and stressed the economic impact of such a reform. According to Lowri Evans, Director General of DG Growth,  a reform that decreases professional regulation holds the potential of the creation of 700.000 new jobs. On the other hand the Commission agreed, that professional regulation as such is essential for many branches. Martin Frohn, responsible for professional qualifications and skills in DG Growth, clearly expressed the need for modern proportionate professional regulation. He wants to reach this aim by ideology-free and independent evaluations and in close cooperation with the professions. National studies on the impact of professional regulation/deregulation showed very different results which were only partly supporting the European Commissions’s assumptions. The discussion in which many engineers and other professionals participated made clear that a differentiated approach to the different professional groups will be necessary. “We are not all florists”, as one of the participants put it quite accurately.


The European Commission has announced that during the next days a public consultation will be launched on the National Action Plans on professional regulation. The results of this consultation will influence the shape of the EC's follow-up activities. As already announced in the single market strategy there will be professions specific recommendations for each member state. Additionally, a proportionality test applicable before the adoption of a legal act will be introduced.