Europe 2020 – country-specific recommendations


On 29 May 2013 the European Commission presented the 2013 country-specific recommendations in view to the Europe 2020 Growth Strategy. The recommendations are based on the Commission's assessment of progress made on last year's recommendations, as well as the new national reform programmes and stability or convergence programmes submitted by Member States. Informal discussions took place between the Commission and the Member States before the submission of the programmes.

Implementation of the recommendations will be monitored closely and on an on-going basis by the Commission services. The Commission will keep the Council informed of its findings throughout the coming year. A formal assessment of each Member State’s performance will take place in May/June 2014, when the Commission presents next year’s country-specific recommendations and accompanying analysis.

For regulated professions these recommendations are very important as in many cases regulated professions are a target area in which the Commission wants the member states to enhance competition. So the ECEC has advised its member organisations to check these recommendations closely on national level and be prepared for any actions from the national governments or the national competition authorities based on these recommendations.