Interview with President Remec in Spanish Ingeniería Industrial magazine

In its current issue the Spanish magazine ‘Ingeniería Industrial’ by the Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Industriales de Andalucía publishes an interview with President Remec presenting the work of the European Council of Engineers Chambers (ECEC) and the situation of Engineering in Europe in general. 

In the interview, President Remec explains that the focuses of ECEC's work are communicating and explaining common ECEC positions to the European institutions but also national authorities, clients and consumers, enhancing the visibility of Chartered Engineers and providing member organisations with information on European development and national lobbying activities.

Additionally, Remec reports on the danger of price dumping in difficult economic environments and explains that the ECEC puts lots of efforts in promoting fair procurement procedures based on quality instead of price only. He stresses that it is important to join forces with other professions against the de-regulation efforts of the European Commission, as this is a threat to professional quality and therefore quality and safety of infrastructure.

The magazine is published every four months and gets distributed in more than 3.000 Spanish engineering institutions, 2.000 businesses, 300 official bodies, 90 professional associations and 34 universities. The digital version has more than 10.000 readers per month (www.revistaingenieriaindustrial.com).


Interview (in Spanish only)