ECEC President Remec elected as WFEO Executive Vice-President


ECEC President Crtomir Remec, the President of the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers, was elected as Executive Vice-President of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations for the period of four years (2015 – 2019) at the WECC in Kyoto. As the President of the European Council of Engineering Chambers, Mr. Remec is already deeply involved in regional and international engineering activities, where he is focused on promotion of the importance of engineering for sustainable development, economic growth and new quality jobs, in line with the conclusions adopted at World Engineering Forum 2012 as written in Ljubljana declaration on sustainable buildings and infrastructure.  He strongly believes that we engineers have knowledge, skills and power to lead the world development in a safe, healthy and sustainable way. Furthermore, the ability of engineering to process knowledge into added value and then finally into money is crucial for economic growth. On the other hand, innovation in engineering accelerates this process and brings new high-tech jobs for younger and more ambitious generation(s). His personal involvement in national and international engineering organizations during the last two decades convinced him that engineers need closer cooperation on all levels, from national and regional to continental and global, to make good use of our potential and to achieve our common goals.

Information on WFEO: www.wfeo.org   



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