12th ECEC GAM: Elections to ECEC Executive Board


At the 12th ECEC General Assembly meeting in Rome, the elections of the new Executive Board 2016-2018 and the election of the ECEC Auditors for 2016 took place.

Current President Crtomir Remec , Vice-Presidents Hansjörg Letzner and Dragoslav Sumarac,  Secretary-General Klaus Thürriedl and Treasurer Gabor Szöllössy were all re-elected in their positions for the next term of office (1.1.2016 – 31.12.2018)

ECEC Vice-President Hans-Ullrich Kammeyer, who has filled the position of Vice-President for the maximum of two terms will resign with the end of the year 2015. In his farewell address to the GAM he expressed his and his Chambers willingness to support the new Executive Board whenever necessary.

Zygmunt Meyer resigned as Auditor and was elected as new ECEC Vice-President. Also long-term Auditor Mirko Orescovic resigned from this position, the GAM had to elect two new Auditors for the 2015 balance and opted for Thomas Noebel from the German Chamber of Engineers and Stelios Achniotis, President of the Technical Chamber of Cyprus.

The new team at a glance:

  • President: Crtomir Remec, Slovenia
  • Vice-Presidents: Hansjörg Letzner, Italy / Zygmunt Meyer, Poland / Dragoslav Sumarac, Serbia
  • Secretary General: Klaus Thürriedl, Austria
  • Treasurer: Gabor Szöllössy , Hungary

Auditors for Balance 2015

  • Stelios Achnitotis, Cyprus
  • Thomas Noebel, Germany