Delay for the European Professional Card for Engineers

After the call for interest, the meetings of the EPC Focus Group, several expert meetings and a first view of the results of the recently closed public consultation on the European Professional Card the European Commission has presented its further approach to the National Coordinators of the Professional Qualifications Directive. According to this the Commission intend to proceed in two phases. The five professions for which the establishment of the European Professional Card is planned for January 2016 already are nurses responsible for general care, pharmacists, physiotherapists, mountain guides and real estate agents. 

For doctors, engineers, specialised nurses and specialised pharmacists, the European Professional Card could be introduced in a second phase by 18 January 2018. This would mean that the EPC would be available for Engineers two years later than expected.

The Commission obviously perceives the discussion about the establishment of the Professional Card for Engineers still controversial as – contrary to the clear support from Engineering organisations like the ECEC - for example Engineering schools in France, Poland and Germany have expressed that they see the EPC for Engineers as unnecessary complications for Engineers’ mobility.