First Conference of the Mediterranean Engineers (EAMC) in Lecce

The Italian Consiglio Nazionale degli Ingegneri (CNI) organized the First Conference of the Mediterranean Engineers (EAMC) in Lecce (Salento, Italy) on 8-10 May 2014 under the auspices of WFEO and the collaboration of the Federation of Arab Engineers (FAE).

It was a great success as nineteen Engineers’ Associations of the countries facing the Mediterranean Sea attended the Conference, and their representatives signed a Statement of Intent drafted by CNI and WFEO (emclosed).


The indicative topics on which the EAMC Cooperation will be focused are:

  • Facilitation of the Engineers' Mobility in Mediterranean Area
  • Exchanging Information on national engineering education and professional systems, contributions to International surveys and reports  including the UNESCO Global Engineering Assessment project
  • Establishment of Technical Committees on thematic topics of interest to the Mediterranean Area in collaboration with FAE and WFEO
  • Sharing and transferring innovative technologies in particular those related to safe water and sanitation, water-recycling systems, waste treatment and energy efficiency
  • Safeguard of the cultural and social heritage, promotion, restoration and renovation of the built environment, Climate change adaptation of infrastructure


To study in-depth and develop these topics, five Standing Technical Tables were created and the Associations were asked to nominate delegates to take part to their works.

Two Round Tables were held during the two days of the Conference. The first one on the research prepared by CNI Centro Studi, whose topic was “Formations and Professional Legislations in the Mediterranean – Free Mobility of Engineers”. CNI asked the present Associations to possibly integrate it before circulating it.

The second Round Table concerned the cultural, historical, architectural and engineering heritage in Mediterranean Area.

Of course, this initiative of CNI is open and any other organization from the Mediterranean Area wishing to participate is welcome.

The EAMC First Conference in Lecce was a landmark, a starting point concerning the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation, which will have continuity and a permanent character of cooperation and networking. In fact, the Secretary General of FAE proposed to hold the Second Conference in Egypt next year.