EC Recommendations on how to boost growth

The recommendations are based on an assessment of every Member State's plans for sound public finances (Stability or Convergence Programmes, or SCPs) and policy measures to boost growth and jobs (National Reform Programmes, or NRPs). In several countries there is again a focus on abolishing restriction in regard to regulated professions (e.g. Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia).

The recommendations are based on the Commission's assessment of progress made on last year's recommendations, on the medium-term budget and reform plans submitted by Member States in April and on the priorities discussed and agreed on the basis of the Annual Growth Survey. Informal discussions have been going on between the Commission and the Member States throughout the year.

Before adoption Member States have the possibility to suggest amendments, which have to be adopted by a qualified majority of member states. According to new rules introduced by the Six-pack reforms in 2011, the Council is expected to follow the recommendations and proposals of the Commission or explain its position publicly. The country-specific recommendations will be discussed by EU leaders and EU ministers in June and formally adopted by the EU's Council of Finance Ministers on 8 July 2014

For more details see ec.europa.eu/europe2020/making-it-happen/country-specific-recommendations/index_en.htm