Associated Membership in ECEC

Hamish Douglas represents the ICE at opening of ECEC liaisons office

At the 10th ECEC General Assembly in Athens in October 2013 the ECEC member organisations took the decision to open up the ECEC to organisations that do not fulfil the strict accession criteria in regard to the requirement of being a representative public body based on national law representing chartered engineers registered according to national law.

Associated members pay a fixed lump sum and are able to benefit from the whole ECEC information network and the lobbying activities. They are able to participates in working groups but will have no active and passive voting rights in the General Assembly.

The ECEC has decided to take this step as it had shown that it might be helpful for the profession to cooperate closer also with national organisations who cannot fulfil the above mentioned requirements but share the aims of the ECEC.

Now the first application for membership has been approved by the ECEC Executive Board on 18 March 2014. The application of the ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers UK) will be on the Agenda of the next ECEC General Assembly on 19 November 2014 and the ECEC Executive Board will recommend a positive vote.