Report on the Internal Market for Services: State of Play and Next Steps

On 13 September 2013 the European Parliament has adopted a report on the internal market for services. This report makes a very strong appeal to Commission and Member states to remove existing regulatory burdens for service providers. Among other things the report even says explicitly that the Members states are often using overriding reasons of public interest to protect and favour their domestic market. The Parliament also appeals to the Commission to apply a zero tolerance policy in order to ensure full compliance with the Services Directive. The report seems to deviate from former approaches of the European Parliament where the importance of the public interest was a focus point of importance. There is a danger that it will be used as a new base of argumentation against professional regulation, therefore it will become even important to stress the justification of such regulations.

During the procedure the ECEC has provided its member organisations with model letters for their MEPs in order to support amendments that stress the importance of the public interest. The final wording of the text was alleviated in some points; nevertheless the message is still very clear.