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ECEC Newsletter May 2017

Aviso: 3rd European Engineers Day in Vienna – 05 October 2017

The European Engineers Day 2017 will be co-organised by the European Council of Engineers Chambers (ECEC), the European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI) and the European Council of Civil Engineers (ECCE) together with ENAEE acting as a co-sponsor. The focus will lay on this years´topic “Concerns about Engineering Excellence”, which covers different aspects of professional challenges as for example (de)regulatory issues, issues of quality requirements in regard to Engineering Education, procurement procedures, price/quality competition etc. The event venue is at the “Haus der Ingenieure”, which lays in the central of Vienna. For more details please see 3rd European Engineers Day 2017.

European Commission: Services Package - Overview

On 10 January 2017 the European Commission presented the so-called Services Package in order to enforce the Single Market services:

A new European Services e-card:
The  EC presented a proposal for a Directive and a proposal for a Regulation for a simplified electronic procedure with the aim to facilitate cross border registration / establishment. Principle is that the home country interlocutor would verify the necessary data and transmit it to the host Member State. The host Member State retains the current power to apply domestic regulatory requirements and to decide whether the applicant can offer services on its territory.  
Proportionality test before adoption of new regulation of profession:
To prevent a negative impact on the provision of services and the mobility of professionals caused by uneven proportionality assessment of the regulation of professions across the EU, the EC presented a proposal for an obligatory proportionality, to be used by Member States before adopting or amending national regulations on professions. The proposal gives criteria which have to be considered for the assessment, such as for example the nature of the risks, the scope of the reserved activities, the link between qualification and activities, the economic impact of a measure, and so on.Notification procedure for authorisation schemes and requirements related to services:
Stricter requirements for the notification procedure for measures related to the Services Directive shall prevent Member States adopting discriminatory, unjustified and disproportionate national authorisation schemes or requirements related to services. The procedure defines the scope of the notification procedure regulated by the Services Directive and defines it more clearly. It establishes a consultation period that provides for a dialogue between the notifying Member State, the European Commission and the other Member States on the compliance of a draft national measure with the Services Directive.
Reform recommendations for regulation in professional services:
The reform recommendations address a broad range of requirements and provide a detailed analysis of the regulations which apply to architects, civil engineers, accountants, lawyers, patent agents, real estate agents and tourist guides. Not all of them are regarded as violation of Union law by the European Commission. Irrespective of the national regulatory model applicable in each country or region, the aim of the communication is to assist Member States with the removal of specific unjustified substantive restrictions, and to create a "virtuous" regulatory awareness on the part of Member States.

European Commission: Services Package - Current status

The ECEC has submitted its opinion during the online consultation in March 2017.

The Legislative Package is currently discussed in the Council (WGs with national representatives), the European Parliament (Rapporteur Andreas Schwab, Germany, for the proportionality test, Rapporteur  Anneleen Van Bossuyt, Belgium, for the Services e-card regulation, Rapporteur  Morten Lokkegaard, Denmark, for the Services e-card directive, Rapporteur Sergio Guitierrez Prieto, Spain, for the notification procedure and rapporteur Nicola Danti, Italy for the need for reform in professional services) and also the European Econonic and Social Committee (Rapporteur for the whole package Arno Metzler, Germany).  On all levels there seem to be a lot of open questions especially in regard to the services e-card (and its relation to the European Professional Card) and also a number of fears and concerns (“country of origin principle through the backdoor”). In regard to proportionality test and notification procedure concerns arose about the proportionality of these measures.

The package shall be discussed on the Competitiveness Council on 28/29 May  2017. Votes on the reports in the Internal Market Committee of the EP are foreseen for November/December 2017. The EESC report was adopted in the Section Meeting on 4 May and will be in the Plenary meeting end of May/beginning of June 2017. The ECEC was closely involved in the procedures of the EESC report: EESC member Rudi Kolbe, representing the Engineering Profession and other liberal professions, is a member of the EESC study group on the services package and Cornelia Hammerschlag was nominated as expert to support the Rapporteur Arno Metzler (VBI, Verband Beratender Ingenieure).

Information on Elections in Member Organisations

Consiglio nazionale degli Ingenieri (CNI) Italy:



Armando Zambrano

Deputy Vice-President


Gianni Massa

Councilor in Charge of International Relations


Roberto Orvieto

Engineers Chamber of Montenegro (ECM):




Boris Ostojic




Miodrag Macanovic

Chamber of certified architects and certified engineers of Republic of Macedonia:




Mile Dimitrovski

Secretary General



Dimce Atanasovski

Hungarian Chamber of Engineers:




Gyula Nagy




Ferenc Kassai




Tamás Lengyel




Csaba Holló




Botond Madaras





ECEC Activities

Finalisation of CTP for Engineers Project

After a final telephone conference between the European Commission and Project Director and Project Manager on 24 January 2017 the documents were updated and are now available on the ECEC Website:

Survey Report

Project Report

ECEC Recommendations

The project team would like to thank all participating stakeholders again for their active and profound engagement in the project and would like to stress again that the results are of course not binding in any way.

Despite differences in perception that made it impossible to reach an agreement within the project it became clear that there is great interest of the various stakeholders in looking into the development of common training principles for engineers and to move towards more convergence. The European Commission agrees that the work undertaken during this project represents a substantial step in this direction. The EC has confirmed that they are still willing to achieve a CTP for Engineers. Nevertheless currently there obviously is a high focus on the Services Package.

20 Years' Anniversary of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers

From left to right: Remec, Scrilec, Ader

On 27th of January, the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers celebrated its 20th anniversary in Budapest, with a focus on the challenges of Engineers in the 21st century. Guest and high rank speakers from all over Europe participated in the celebration, the ECEC was represented by President Remec, Secretary General Thürriedl and others. The Slovenian ambassador in Hungary, Ms Ksenija Škrilec, organised a meeting between ECEC President Remec and President of the Republic of Hungary Dr.János Áderafter the event, where President Remec presented him the IZS memorial coin.

Ingenieurkammertag Saxony

On 5th of April Secretary General  Klaus Thürriedl participated at the Ingenieurkammertag in Saxony, Germany, to give a speech on Common Training Principles for Engineers in Europe. The "Kammertag 2017" took place in the framework of the trade fairs New energyworld / terratec in Leipzig. For more details please see the website of the Saxon Engineers Chamber www.ing-sn.de/themen-projekte/ingenieurkammertag/.

WFEO Executive Board Meeting

In April 2017, President Remec participated at the WFEO Executive Board Meeting in Paris, France.

Upcoming events

SKSI 25th Anniversary

On 18th of May, the Slovakian Chamber of Engineers celebrates their 25th anniversary of re-establishment. For this occasion, the SKSI is organizing an Engineering Day under the topic Quality of Construction Works, at the NH hotel in Bratislava. The ECEC willl also be represented there.

ECEC Meetings




3rd European Engineers Day



Preparatory Meeting with ECCE and FEANI


19th of May 2017 in Vienna, AT

58th Executive Board Meeting


10th of June 2017 in Nicosia, CY

59th Executive Board Meeting


2nd of September in Ljubljana, SI

3rd European Engineers Day


5th of October 2017 in Vienna, AT

60th Executive Board Meeting


20th of October 2017 in Skopje, MK




Please note:



14th General Assembly Meeting


21st of October 2017 in Skopje, MK




Aviso: World Engineering Forum 2017

The National Council of Italian Engineers (CNI, member of ECEC) is hosting this years´ World Engineering Forum (WEF), which is organized by WFEO. The event will take place from 26 November to 02 December 2017. For more information please see the WEF website

Preliminary Programme