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European Services Package - Current status

The ECEC has submitted its opinion during the online consultation in March 2017.more


European Services Package

On 10 January 2017 the European Commission presented the so-called Services Package in order to enforce the common market for servicesmore


20 Years´ Anniversary of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers

On 27th of January, the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers celebrated its 20th anniversary in Budapest, with a focus on the challenges of Engineers in the 21st centurymore


"9  arguments" why professional regulation for engineers is essential for Europe

For the European Institutions, liberalisation and deregulation of the liberal professions seem to be the solution for generating more economic growth.

Is that true?

European Chartered Engineers

What do they stand for and what are the benefits for clients and consumers to work with them?

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Currently over 300.000 European Chartered Engineers benefit from the membership of their national organisations in the ECEC.