Project Team

Klaus Thürriedl - Project Director


Klaus Thürriedl graduated in the field of Environmental Engineering and Water Management in 1985 and is active with his own Chartered Engineering Consultancy. Since 2012 he is Secretary General of ECEC. He has been re-electect for the period 2016-2018.

Within the ECEC he initiated the active approach in regard to Common Training Principles for Engineers and is currently chairing the relating ECEC task force. Due to his active involvement in several regional, national and European engineering organisations he is extremely well cross-linked with a multitude of relevant stakeholders and organisations in the field of the engineering professions in Europe. He has a profound practical and knowledge of the important aspects of the engineering professions and a throughout understanding of the national professional recognition processes for engineers.

Language skills: German, English

Cornelia Hammerschlag - Project Manager


Ms Cornelia Hammerschlag is an experienced legal adviser for engineering professions and senior staff member of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Architects and Chartered Engineering Consultants (bAIK).

Her diploma in law in in 1994 was followed by a postgraduate education in European integration for public management and education in economics and in organisational training She is responsible for the communication within the ECEC and is experienced in the management of EU Projects (e.g. INTERREG IIIA, Youth in Action, Leonardo da Vinci). Through her previous activities as coordinator of European and international affairs for the Minister of Female Affairs in the Austrian Federal Chancellery she has good connections to competent authorities.

Language Skills: German, English

Dragoslav Sumarac - Technical Expert


Mr Dragoslav Sumarac and is an experienced senior Civil Engineer graduated with a PhD since 1987 and Full Professor of Mechanics and Energy Efficiency at the Department of Civil Engineering at the University in Belgrade.

He authored 126 publications, among them 60 in international journals and published two books. He also plays a leading role in the Serbian Chamber of Engineers and is politically experienced as former Serbian Minister for Urbanism and Construction.

Based on these activities he can provide a broad network of contacts on University level as well as on political level.

He is ECEC Vice-President since 2012 and has been re-elected for the next three-years period beginning with 2016. He is also chairing the ECEC  working group Continual Professional Development. His knowledge of the situation of engineering education as well as professional standards for engineers in Europe is excellent.

Language skills: Serbian, English, Russian 

Zygmunt Meyer - Technical Expert


Mr Zygmunt Meyer is an experienced senior engineer graduated with a PhD in water building and technical sciences since 1974 and Full Professor of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Szczecin.

He has published 8 books on civil and environmental engineering and over 400 articles in scientific magazines. In 1992, while being Dean of the Faculty of Building and Architecture, he organised and introduced a new didactic specialisation “European Civil Engineering Management” that was successfully installed in many countries.

Mr Meyer can provide an excellent network of contacts from Technical Universities in Europe. As former Marshal of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland Mr Meyer is politically experienced and has good connections to competent authorities. He is also actively involved in the Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers.

His knowledge of the situation of engineering education as well as professional standards for engineers in Europe is excellent.

He was elected as ECEC Vice President for the period beginning with January 2016.

Language skills: English, German, Russian, Polish

Eva Mair - Support Staff

Eva Mair graduated from University of Vienna with a bachelor degree in Political Science.

She is working for the ECEC Secretariat at the premises of the Austrian Chamber of Architects and Chartered Engineering Consultants. In this function she is responsible for the office administration including preparation of documents, organisation of meetings and events, communication with ECEC members and other engineering organisations, maintainance of Website etc  

Language skills: German, English, French

Daphne Leder - Support Staff


Daphne Leder is responsible for communicative and technical support of the project with a focus on the technical implementation of the survey and the evaluation and presentation of the survey results. She is experienced in multilingual project communication, market research and survey design, Website design and project accounting.

Language skills: German, English, Italian

Crtomir Remec - Resource Team


ECEC President Crtomir Remec is an experienced senior engineer.

He graduated with a Master degree in 1986 at the University of Ljubljana which was followed by the postgraduate study of management and business administration (MBA) at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in Maribor, Slovenia.

In 2015 he became Director of the Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia, Public Fund. Parallel to his professional work, he was member and President of the European Convention for Constructional Steelwork (ECCS) and member of the Executive Council of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO). Remec is currently President of the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers (IZS) and President of the European Council of Engineers Chambers (and re-elected for the period 2016-2018).

Language skills: Slovenian, English, German, Croatian, Serbian, French, Italian

Rudolf Kolbe - Resource Team


Rudolf Kolbe graduated as Geodetic Surveyor from the Technical University of Vienna, Austria.

Since 1988, he is Director of GC-Data HandelsgmbH and since 2004, director of „DK Vermessungsservice ZT GmbH“ (both companies in the field of geodetic surveying). Mr Kolbe is currently Vice-President of the Council of European Geodetic Surveyors (CLGE) and since 2015 President of the European Council of the Liberal Professions (CEPLIS). Additionally he is a member of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) since 2015. On national level he is Vice-President of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Architects and Chartered Engineering Consultants and President of a regional Chamber. Therefore he can provide a very broad network of contacts on regional, national and European level.

Language skills: English, Italian, French, Spanish

Theodoros Koutroubas - Resource Team


Theodoros Koutroubas holds a PhD in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Louvain (UCL), Belgium.

Mr Koutroubas is an invited lecturer of the Catholic University of Louvain where he teaches political sociology. In the past, he has worked as project manager and policy advisor with several European NGOs, and has been actively involved in the works of the European Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC). Mr Koutroubas is currently the Director General and Senior Policy Advisor of the European Council of Liberal Professions (CEPLIS).

Languages: Greek, French, English

Hansjörg Letzner - Resource Team


ECEC Vice-President Hansjörg Letzner graduated from the University of Padova, Italy, with a Master degree in Civil Engineering in 1974.

From 1974 – 1996, Letzner was co-founder and co-owner of the engineering office Letzner & Mair. Since 1996, he runs his own engineering office „Dr. Ing. Hansjörg Letzner“.

Since 2011, he is member of the national council of engineers at the National Italian Council of Engineers (CNI). As ECEC Vice-President (since 2012 and re-elected for the period 2016-2018) his focus is on professional regulations in Europe.

Language skills: German, Italian, English

Gábor Szöllössy - Resource Team


ECEC Treasurer Gábor Szöllössy graduated from the Technical University of Budapest with a master degree in Civil Engineering and from the University for Economy of Budapest with a master degree in Economy.

His work experience covers the engineering profession as well as management functions in different companies/schools/universities. Between 2003-2014, Mr. Szöllössy was Secretary General at the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers and since 2014, he is chief adviser of the President, whereby he is participating in the legislation in connection to the engineering profession and working out the new professional regulation of engineering activities in the construction sector. He is Treasurer in the Executive Board of the European Council of Engineers’ Chambers (and re-elected for the period 2016-2018).

Language skills: Hungarian, English, German

Thomas Noebel - Resource Team


Thomas Noebel studied law in Bonn, Germany and London, GB.

Since 1989, he is head of department of law at the Federal Chamber of Architects (Bonn, Germany) and since 1996, he is managing director of the Federal Chamber of Engineers Bonn and Berlin, whereby he was involved in the topic of mutual evaluation of regulated profession as national expert. In Germany he is engaged in the process of harmonizing the different laws of Engineers on national level. Additionally, he’s member of the committee on recommendation for the accreditation of courses of studies in civil engineering in Berlin.

Language skills: German, English, French

Manfred Günther-Splittgerber - Resource Team


Manfred Günther-Splittgerber studied law at the Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Germany.

Since 2000, Splittgerber is Vice-Director and Head of Department Law and Data Protection in the Engineering Chamber of Hessen and active as legal adviser in national and EU law. He is senior expert in public procurement issues and involved in the implementation of public procurement procedures in engineering professions as well as in the implementation of regulations for mutual recognition of professional qualifications.

Language skills: German, English, French.

Aleksander Leko - Resource Team


Aleksander Leko studied architecture at the University of Belgrade and received the title of Chartered Architect in 1997.

From 1990 until 2002 he worked in Belgrade, Serbia and Vienna, Austria at different architectural studios on various projects. Mr. Leko is currently President of the committee for the international cooperation of the Serbian chamber of engineers. At this position he is in constant communication with WFEO, ECEC, ECCE, FEANI and many national organisations. In 2012, he was one of the founding members of „Regional initiative for engineering cooperation“ (Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria). Together with the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers, he works on projects for the EU Strategy for the Danube region.

Languages skills: English, German, French, Italian, Serbian