Trying to find a common approach


In the framework of the CTP for Engineers project (EC Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry; Entrepreneurship and SMEs has contracted the ECEC to conduct a survey on the regulatory situation of five groups of engineering professions in all EEA countries and Switzerland and to look into the development of proposals for “Common Training Principles for Engineers”) the project team has presented a draft survey report and a draft CTP proposal – based on the results of the survey and the stakeholder workshop in June and agreed with the European Commission - to all interested stakeholders (competent authorities, national coordinators, engineering organisations, chambers etc) on 16 September 2016.


                   Draft survey report                                    Draft CTP proposal


In regard to the draft survey report competent authorities are invited to inform the project team about any necessary corrections for their countries.


In regard to the draft CTP proposal stakeholders are invited to comment and especially focus on the following questions:


  • Would this proposal be supported by your country?
  • If yes: Would you be in favour to transfer it to other engineering professions (which?)?
  • If no: Which parts of the proposal are not acceptable for your country?
  • If not: What changes would you suggest?


All answers/comment in regard to the CTP proposal until 16 October 2016 will be taken into consideration for the revision of the draft proposal. A revised proposal will be prepared and discussed at the stakeholder conference on 27 October 2016 in Vienna

With the results of this event, the project team will prepare a final project report to the European Commission that will then decide about any further activities in regard to the implementation of CTP for Engineers.


For comments / further information please contact office@ecec.net