Members of the ECEC are the Chambers of Engineers or representative public bodies of the profession of engineers, who are professionally recognised according to national law in their country or national liaison associations of these.

They must be established in the EU or in states applying for membership in the EU or in potential candidate countries for the EU accession.

Only one membership per country is permitted and each member is represented by one delegate. Every new member shall be appointed by the General Assembly with a two thirds (2/3) majority. Applications to join ECEC as member must be drawn up in writing to the Secretary General. The applicant has to make evident that he fulfils the criteria of 3.1. If the applicant fulfils the criteria for a membership the Executive Board will propose the application to the General Assembly to vote on it.

Since a change of statutes in October 2013 there is also the possibility of an “associated membership” for organisations which do not fulfil all the above mentioned requirements.

If you are interested in joining ECEC or cooperation with ECEC you will be most welcome – please do not hesitate to contact us:

ECEC Office

Karlsgasse 9/2, 1010 Wien
Tel +43 1 5055807-51